Thursday, 28 May 2009

Roth Boys Video

I might be hella late on actually seeing the video
But I been hearin about it 4 a while
Finally got a chance 2 check it out...
NOTHING short of a classic!

Loso's Way, On the WAY!

Fabolous dropped 2 new videos recently, Not sure it was 2dai or sumtime dis week
But... I'm really feelin em mehn! One with The Dream caleld Throw it in the bag
& the other with up & coming artist Jerimih called It's my time. Anyway, Here they are:
& in case u aint realize... FAB IS BACK!!!!

Lu-PAY or Looop or Sir. FIasco LOL

Uhmm... Yeah I'm sure we all know already that my favorite rapper is Lupe Fiasco
IDC wat no1 says or believes, I just think he is THEE BEST (not a typo) & no one can compare
But yeah, There's a few trax that some people haven't had the opportunity and blessing
of being exposed to, OLD & RECENT material. But yeah... Here is some of it:

This last track is LEAKED, Like recorded on the SK leaked (& Yeah I know SK's dun record)
But the track is RIDICULOUS!
& the track is gonna be on We Are Lasers, LUPE'S next LP.

Lupe: Fav Rapper/Greatest Performer

Lupe Fiasco is my favorite rapper of all time
& the energy he brings when he performs is just ridiculous
This video is him performing 'Daydream' with Jill Scott on the Dave Letterman Show
a little while back. Anyway, he kinda reminds me of LL when he performs but yeah
Lemme stop waffling on & on, here it is:

Had 2 show u the LIVE show performanc etoo
Same song diff venue:

Monday, 25 May 2009

The Blemish

When I was BROKE, bummin & in the gutta
Yah niggas was stuntin & fruntin
Truth be told, soon as niggas seen da Benz's & BUFF whips
Dats wen I started havin fans that I could fuck with
LIES LIE LIES, Dats all I really hear from da frontaz
My clothin line aint shyt compared 2 work i'm touchin
In London Town, seeing Daps & pounds like no other
Clowns, I dun fuck with they Lingo, it's like a foreign language
Summer 2009, We gonna see sum fuckin action!
Spark me up, cuz IMMA BLAZE like Just
My gov. means God shows me wealth
So how could I not shine & able to dine sippin on fine wine
All i'm sayin is impedicus to all who neva gave or shat
& my cardio thrives for those who's unconscious dwelled in my presence
Much LOVE & respect to all who perfected the BLEMISH

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Charles Charles Charles... Tisk tisk (LoL)

I know if ur readin dis u've already seen the video
But uhm...
My son got decked
But leme not be a sell out
Imma give u my view on the situation
Son did mommy dirty! I woulda pieced him too if I was her
He's real though, cuz If I was in his shoes,
soon as that camera got off me, I woulda pieced her ass back! LOL
But regardless of the situation, Imma styll be bumpin My Brain is Alive
& for that matter, and other albums or mixtapes he ever puts out
& for all who aint see the video...
Here it is:

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Hello Word! Goodbye LIFE.

LOL, Funny title ehh?
Anyway, I've just been kickin it more less, just doin me
Shyt load of skool work & E X A M S lately
SO... U know wat i been up 2
Skool work out here really does deprive u of a social life, LOLZZ
Now I know why Brits are soo stressed!
But yeah, I been takin pix all ova the place & recording videos
The videos, I haven't edited or anything yet, so...
BUT! Here are sum of the pix: