Friday, 24 April 2009

KanYe West ft. Young Jeezy Amazin' {OFFICIAL VIDEO}

Gifted - NASA ft. KanYe West, Santigold, & Lykke Li

I know I'm hella late on the video
But I've always like dthe song
& mind u, I was THE FIRST! nigga on myspace with this shyt

London Town

OK, I know a lot of people been waiting for me to tell them how London is & shyt...
Imma keep it 100! & Give everyone the SCOOP
Ight, here it goes:
The food is basically the same. They just eat a lot more foreign stuff out here
due to their geographical setting & colonising of HELLA countries.
The people are not like New Yorkers. They have a LARGE variety in a way...
To sum it all up: Some are assholes, but most of dem are COOL PEOPLE
The money is wassup out here, cuz the exchange rate right now is like £1-$1.77
Skool out here is crazy though
Dun relle got time to sit here & type out the structure
But for the most part, we have difefrent freedoms, but I feel they have it betta skool wise

A few things I HATE about this place though:
Everything shuts down at like 6-10... Can I say DEAD SEX?!
Partys aint as LIVE as NY partyz
& some of the teachers piss me off!
To ofset the things I HATE, Here are
A few things I LOVE about this place:
But yeah besides that, I like the fashion sense out here
Most people out here dress like us in the U.S.
I can't say that!
People I chyll with dress like us in the U.S.

But yeah... anyway I'm bored, tired & dun really got much 2 say, I'll put out a video soon
& tell yah like that
But yeah...
Here are a few pix of London & shyt...

Westminister... Parliament & stuff...


Me & mys sisters @ Buckingham Palace... U know... Chyllen n shyt w/ the queen

The London Busses in a round-about


Wednesday Morning I had surgery
Got 5 teeth removed
& like I dunno.. 4 or 5 stitches in my mouth
This shyt hurts like a BITCH!
But i'm cool...
Just kickin it mehn
Don't have skool from Wednesday-Monday sumin up
So i'm str8
Gotta get in hella work though
Or we gonna have sum MAJOR problems

Monday, 20 April 2009


NO! I'm not on em cuz dey won last year.
That's been my team as long as I can rememba
My son Paul Pierece is mad UNDERATED
But anyway...
My Celtics is gonna take it ALL THE WAY!!!
It's about that time, for the Play-Offs!
Hella hype even though i'm in London.
Yeah I know their down 1-0 to the Bulls, but, we gon pull through & SPANK!
Not gonna front like Dereck Rose aint a task!
Son is a beast, & I think he's also underated, but yeah...
Even though Garnett is gonna be out 4 da Play-Offs
we can still pull through with the rest of the 'DREAM TEAM'(Or so i'd like to say)
My predictions are that...
My son Rondo gon do his thing & drop 28+ tonight
Pierce gonna GO NUT too with 27+
Ray Allen gonna screw around & get about 15 or so
Glen scrub ass might drop about 15 or so
& Perkins is gonna spazz tonight & score 20+
But yeah... Check me out after the game see if i'm at least close


I'm Bored as hell right now
KickN !T in La CaSa
But yeah...
I'm listenin 2 Asher Roth's new album...
Exceeded ALL of my expectations!
This shit is CHRONIC!!!
Yah really need to go copp 10 of dem
Asher Roth's Asleep in the Bread Aislf8e:

In other words... I been on my BS agen
Writin lyrics, Drawin sketches, and doin me I guess
Anyway, just wanna take time out 2 tell yah bout my favorite shows
in case u dun already know, the best TWO shows in the world are




If u dun like them...
Your a LAME SQUARE, Fatty Mc.Fat Head
& You should GO put yah head in the oven til' u pass OUT!

Friday, 17 April 2009


Yo mehn!
Lately, I've just been bombarded with work
Skool in London Town aint NO joke.
& I'm tryna go 2 college...
Feels like I have a Full time job, workin 60 hours a week
& I been on break for 2 weeks!
{Enuff of the BiTCH' N}
It's Friday, so I'm chyllen...
Doin da reg.. Bumpin 2 sum Super Duper Cudi
"Lonliness will NEVER be my Aura. Steve Urkel nigga looking for a Laura." -Cudi
& well...
I felt whoeva dunno by now that Cudi aint the only
Hip-Hop king in the makin is just HELLA LATE!
If u dunno bout Charles Hamilton, K'Naan, B.o.B,
Asher Roth, Wale, Big Shawn etc.
Go flush yahself down the TOILET BOWL,
aNYway... Dun relle got 2 much 2 say right now.
Get at me on a later date. Imma holla
Sunny ROX AKA Simply Fola

Thursday, 16 April 2009

If only you knew wat was on my mind.

Well, this is my personal blog right here
Just gonna say what I want.
Do as I please.
This is all me.
Folahanmi Dare AKA Sunny Rox

My life story:

Poison in my veins, inside i'm tortured in my brain, and still I try.
Voices in my head, Am I alive or am I dead? Alone I cry.

Stay tuned, for my life in words...

Voices In My Head - Knaan