Monday, 15 June 2009

How I became Soulja Boy at Charles Darwin School

In London we have a completely different school system than in NY
But my school runs from Year 7-13
In NY, that is translated to 6th-12th Grade
One day I was walkin into school (This is like 2 months ago)
& sum lil shit wanted 2 be TUFF & lock the door
So I was like, imma herb u if u dun open dis shyt right NAO!!!
So, he opened it and ran
As I'm walkin in, I hear sum kid go "Hey! That's the American Kid" (which I hear DAILY)
It aint phase me, but then as I kept walkin, another kid goes "Isn't that Soulja Boy?!"
So, I turned around like "Do you have FUCKIN CATARACTS?!"
Then he goes "Everyone knows you're Soulja Boy!"
& another one goes "Yo that's Soulja Boy"
& I'm like WTF?! Have these people NEVER seen a black person before?!
So then from like taht day on, whenever I come into skool
they stare at me and call me Soulja Boy
So... That's the story of how these lil fuckas branded me as Soulja Boy
Quite racist, but I just dun even care anymore! I kinda find it funny!


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